Kuwait Travel Guide and Travel Information

Kuwait is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Middle East in general is a great place to be as it is neat and tidy; however, Kuwait has had a great reputation for being the ideal city for many people over the years. Kuwait actually does not market itself out as a tourism spot or anything of that sort to the rest of the world. This is one of those places you must consider visiting at least once in your life time if you haven’t already visited.

Here are some interesting reasons as to why you have to visit Kuwait.

  1. The Food: Food is a major part of the Arabic life. The hotels do follow a tradition by giving some real Lavish Buffets as breakfasts. Most of the hotels have a variety of food offering from different regions, there is Lebanon food; you do have asian cuisine as well as western. The Kuwait hotels booking is pretty easy to do, you can find out the list of best hotels in Kuwait online and proceed with your Kuwait hotel booking. You will be notified via email regarding the booking confirmation.

  2. You will learn about the Islamic Life: Kuwait is a dry nation just like Saudi Arabia; you do not have Pubs here. If you are a tourist here, you will definitely learn more about the Islamic culture. The Kuwait Government does not allow the women to don swim suit or even any sort of clothes that reveal the skin. There are separate pools for women and there are separate gyms that are exclusively for Women. One more fact is, the Unmarried couples will not be allowed to share a single room in any hotel in Kuwait. The couple will have to produce a marriage certificate in order to stay together in a hotel room, the policies are pretty strict.

  3. Your Perception will change about the Kuwaitis: The people of Kuwait are really warm and nice. You will see more friendly and kind people in this land.

There are so many countries across the globe which is popular for either their culture or because of the number of breath taking destinations it has, however, when you talk about Kuwait, it is popular for multiple reasons, a few are already mentioned above. If you wish to plan a trip to Kuwait, do it without a second thought as you will only experience great things there.

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